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Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance

Yellowlogic Technologies offers proficient site upkeep in India. Site upkeep benefit fundamentally alludes to keeping up the site exceptional, that implies refreshing the organization most recent news, most recent advancements, speculator relations, organization budgetary outcomes, new task bargains. Site upkeep is very immense. Site support incorporates all parts of site planning and site improvement, which incorporates the program similarity which is the most essential perspective. The corporate engineering of your web composition and components dealing with include:

  • Home page changes
  • Inner pages content changes
  • Adding or Maintaining links
  • Company news updates
  • Adding new pages to the website
  • Adding new interactive components to the website
  • Modifying content and graphics
  • Product details changes for your shopping cart
  • New Product additions to your shopping cart
  • Pricing changes for your products
  • Maintaining your complete shopping cart

Service Request Prioritization

You can show the Service Request Priority while putting a demand, demonstrating the level of effect on the application and on clients as proper. Else, while accepting the demand, the help group would allocate a call need. Call need can be arranged.

Website Maintenance Policy

  • Although we bend over backward to roll out exact improvements, it is the customer's obligation to audit refreshes and tell us of any vital changes that should be made. We don't charge for changes that are our blame. Notwithstanding, if a change should be made because of customer blunder, the standard hourly refresh expenses will be charged.
  • We maintain whatever authority is needed to recognize "refreshes" and "new plan". New plan work is charged at our outline rate.
  • "Maintenance" is characterized as keeping the site current. It isn't planned to be an update or patch up.
  • Updates are normally done inside 2 to 24 hours (aside from occasions and ends of the week).
  • Updates ought to be given electronically (by email) however much as could reasonably be expected.